3 Things You Need To Learn About The Mercedes AMG Line

What do you get when you combine high performance and a Mercedes, the Mercedes AMG. The Mercedes does not just cater to giving us luxurious cars but also an assortment Mercedes-AMG of high performance vehicles. From sedans to coupes, roadsters to convertibles and SUVs to wagons, the Mercedes AMG delivers.

Now you might just think that they just make it faster. Yes, they do make it faster… and then some more. High performance does not just mean making any car go fast, it means reaching the optimum output the car can achieve. Think about sprinting, you can run bare foot in any clothing and still be fast, but think about putting the proper running shoes and the right clothes when you make your run, with the right gear you can and will go faster. That’s how the AMG line of Mercedes works; they don’t just make your car go faster, they make them go faster, better.

Now let’s go on to the things that I haven’t discussed yet.

• The AMG wasn’t originally part of Mercedes’ production line.

“What?” — That was the same reaction I had when I learned about it. Apparently, the AMG were an independent engineering group that specialized in Mercedes Benz. How? Two former engineers from Mercedes created AMG. And Mercedes recognizing their work had partnered up with them to create the AMG line, Mercedes’ high performance line. (It’s just like how the Shelby is to a Ford, Shelby specializes in Ford Mustangs.)

• The AMG has a different naming system compared to the Mercedes.

What’s so different about it? A typical Mercedes would have three numbers, for example their C-Class coupes have the C250 and the C350 coupe. The AMG counterpart for the C-Class would only have two numbers: C63 AMG coupe. It’s an easier way of distinguishing a Mercedes AMG from other brands because others have ridiculously long car names or just very hard to pronounce. (Case in point: Koenigsegg, McLaren MP4-12C and many more) See? Their names are as efficient as the cars they make!

• The AMG “Black Series”

No, it’s not about the color. As much as a black on black color scheme sounds nice, the Black Series is not concerned about the color. Weight reduction, stabilized suspensions, bucket seats and everything else that would help it go further faster and better, the Black Series have it. Although it is only limited to their two-door line, it makes the AMG one step ahead of the competition.

Now, stop daydreaming about it and it’s now time to get in one. The Mercedes AMG, the exquisiteness of the Mercedes and the expertise of the AMG would give you a very solid driving experience. Getting you ahead of the rest in one brand.

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