3 Types of Online Wine Store Subscriptions

Yes, you really can order wine online if you live in any other state but don’t count out the seven states that have enacted complete liquor control just because you reside in a nearby state. While many of these online retailers listed here might not list you state by state exemption, it is technically illegal for you to be a legal citizen and receive alcohol delivered to you without a special license from the state that distributes it. If you plan on ordering wine online, you should contact your state liquor board to find out what the legal age is to purchase wine in your own state. In many cases, if you are over the age of 21, the seller will be required by law to ID you at the time of purchase.

There are two ways to order wine online: by way of a telephone call, or by means of an actual application on the internet. You must have a valid identification card from your state of residence if you order via the telephone. If you order by fax, or by email, that will not work. In either case, if you have a valid ID card, a telephone call, or even an email to place your order, you will be able to go through and have your shipment shipped directly to your door. So, which method should you choose when ordering your first shipment?

The fastest method is simply to go through your local wine shop, called a chateau, and purchase a shipment of bottles directly from the winery. Chateaus generally have the ability to purchase Click Here single bottles or shipments of up to ten gallons each month. If you have a local winery, speak with your manager and simply ask whether or not they ship directly to a regular address or to a PO Box. (Many do both.)

If you cannot locate a winery in your immediate geographical area, there is another option. You could purchase your bottles online and then have someone else deliver them to your door. This is often referred to as druckling, and it is becoming more widely used throughout the United States. In druckling, the driver will drop off a shipment at a warehouse that is located in another state, whether in New York, Texas, or New Jersey. The driver will then deliver the bottles to your doorstep, and they are typically paid based upon how many you buy.

Blind dates are a third alternative. You can arrange for a friend or neighbor to drive a truck across the country delivering several bottles of wine, usually at different times. Once the bottles arrive, the wines are opened immediately and then the consumer is expected to review them and vote on their favorite. Most states have blind dates during which you or your friend may select your preferred choices.

Ordering your wine subscription from a New York wine store has a number of advantages. First of all, most wine stores offer same day delivery in New York. That means if you order today, you’ll be able to drink tomorrow. Another advantage to ordering your subscription in New York is that the prices are usually cheaper than if you bought the same brand from a California wine store. You can also expect better customer service because most New York wine stores are staffed with professionals. Finally, if you decide you don’t like it, you simply call the wine store and they’ll send you a replacement.

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