365 Day Diet Pill Review – Cheap Weight Loss That Works?

If you could buy a years supply of dieting pills that costs less than $80 for a year, would you buy it?

It’s certainly an attractive price, but does the 365 Day Diet Pill actually work or will you simply be wasting your money? We took a look at this cheap diet product and reveal what we found.

So what is this weight loss supplement?

The 365 Day Pill contains what’s called a “thermogenic formula” designed to give you more energy and burn more fat so that you can become lean.

The ingredients three sources of caffeine (very popular in fat burners!) along with a combination of amino acids, herbs, minerals and extracts. The exact amounts of these ingredients are not revealed, so we cannot tell the potency of them within each pill!

Does it actually work?

The large amount of caffeine will have a mild affect at increasing heart rate and metabolism, but the effects will be short lived as you get used to it. The effect is not much unlike drinking a number of coffees!

As such there is no scientific evidence that 365 Sonus Complete Day Diet Pill actually works – instead you are likely paying for a supplement that is only increasing your caffeine levels each day!

365 Day Pill Recommended

Whilst many of us shop by price, having such a cheap dieting product may seem attractive, but the saying “you pay for what you get” holds true here. The makers of 365 seem to focus more on the cheapness of this supplement than to highlighting its scientific backing as a weight loss aid!

In truth, you are much better paying more money for a rock-solid product that can guarantee the reduction in weight you are after. There are supplements that can give you the confidence and guarantee that they work, without costing the earth.

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