A Diamond Saw For Your Construction Project

A diamond saw blade is used to cut and grind very hard and dense materials. It is an example of the many masonry saws that are used to cut bricks, blocks, concrete and stones. Diamond saw blades are circular, allowing the blade to rotate very quickly during cutting and grinding. In choosing masonry saws, Tooth Jewelry there is a wide selection available, depending on the size and quality level. Although can be used for other purposes, most of the time diamond blades are used on demolition saws, concrete saws and other power tool that cuts real hard materials.

Blades of masonry saws are designed to withstand both wet and dry cutting. During a wet cut, water is either supplied from an external source or from a mechanism of the saw itself. The presence of water helps keep the saw blades from overheating, extending the life of both the blade and the saw.

Wet cutting also controls the amount of dust during the cutting process. Make sure to wear a mask whenever you are doing a dry cut, and take frequent breaks to allow the blades to cool down from time to time.

The blades of a diamond saw are made of solid steel core, surrounded by its circular cutting teeth. The teeth are composed of diamond crystals and metal powder pressed together at high temperatures. Its teeth are then welded on to the steel core making it strong and capable of cutting hard objects.

It is important that you are familiar with the concept of “bond” when you plan to buy masonry saws. Bond is the level of softness and hardness of the saw’s teeth and is determined by the ratio of diamonds and metals used in making the saw blades.

Hard-bond blades take longer to wear, so it is suitable to cut softer materials such as brick or limestone. Soft-bond blades however are easier to wear and are best used for cutting harder and denser materials.

In buying a diamond saw, consider the price and its diamond content. Usually, diamond blades with a higher diamond content are much more expensive than blades with a lesser diamond content. However, it can be a smarter choice if you have plans of using the saw for a longer period of time.

If you need a saw for a single project only, you might want to think twice of buying one. A lot of home improvement shops allow saw rentals at a reasonable price. This might be a wiser choice if you do not use the tool that much.

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