Associations for Security Companies

No person is an island, and no security company can thrive on their own. A security company can be successful without help from others, but no security company can grow without assistance from others in the industry. There are several associations that exist to make things easier for security companies, to help all security company owners work together, mentoring each other and assisting each other. By joining an association, you can find contacts that will aid your company well into the future.

The Top Associations in the U.S.A. include:

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

The ANSI has the expressed goal of enhancing the competitive edge of American businesses, around the world, and thereby improving the American quality of life by ensuring the integrity of those businesses. The ANSI is active on the national and international level and is a major part of the United States Standards Strategy, which has created a framework to improve the competitiveness of U.S. companies. Founded in 1916 by several associations, including the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, American Association of Mechanical Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers and the American Society for Testing Materials. Currently, there membership of the ANSI is composed of government agencies, organizations, companies, academic bodies, international companies and individuals. In all, more than 125,000 companies are represented, along with 3.5 million professionals.

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)

Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, this organization is meant to help security managers work together to build their careers and businesses collectively. In total, there are 200 chapters across the planet, with 37,000 members. ASIS has expressed the dedication to increasing the productivity of security professionals, as well as their effectiveness, by developing materials and programs that deal with security interests. The society holds many conferences, webinars and training sessions to help security managers learn more about their industry and the developments in it. Founded in 1955, ASIS has become the largest international organization for security professionals. Currently, ASIS offers three certification programs for security managers.

o Certified Protection Professional: This is the highest form of recognition for security professionals, and is only given to security professionals who exhibit expertise in security management, principles and technology. o Professional Certified Investigator: This is a special certificate that is given to security professionals who have demonstrated high knowledge in case management, evidence collection security company in California and report preparation. o Physical Security Professional: This is a designation that is given to security professionals who demonstrate knowledge in threat assessment, risk analysis, physical security and identification methods.

Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO)

This organization is the largest in the world in terms of associations dedicated to public safety and telecommunications. Founded in 1935, APCO has three main standards in use that bear its name: o APCO 16: This is the standard that describes the characteristics of public safety radio systems, including channel access times, command and control flexibility, frequency use and reliability. o APCO 25: This is the standards used by public safety agencies around North America with digital radio communications. This standard is in place to enable public safety agencies to aid response teams in emergencies. o APCO Phonetic Alphabet: This is used by the Los Angeles Police Department and other law enforcement agencies across California.

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