Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating

The first step in applying an epoxy concrete floor coating is to remove any part of the floor that is loose or could become loose in the near future. An example would be concrete, tar, paint, or any type of adhesive.

The next step in applying an epoxy concrete floor coating is to clean the floor with a chemical stripper. This step helps to remove grease, oil and dirt that are stuck on the garage floor paint concrete. A rotary scrubbing machine is used to help remove the oil and grease. Then a heavy-duty shop vacuum is used to suck up the mixture of dirt, grease, oil and stripper. It is important to get all the dirt removed from the cracks in the floor.

Before applying the epoxy concrete floor coating a second stripper is applied to help remove contaminants and to give the concrete a sandpaper like texture. A rotary scrubber is used to help remove any mineral stains still on the cement. As in the previous step, the mixture is then vacuumed up completely, making sure that everything is removed the cracks of the floor.

Your next step in the epoxy concrete floor coating project is to flood the floor with clean water and make sure to rinse all the debris away from the corners and around anything that is fixed to the floor. The scrub the floor again with the rotary scrubber until there is no more suds released from the floor. Then, like in the previous steps, the solution is vacuumed including the cracks in the floor. When this is done, you will repeat this step in exactly the same manner.

The first coat of the epoxy concrete floor coating is applied with rollers and a large paintbrush for any detailing work. Tape off any doorways and under garage doors. Sealers have a strong odor, so proper ventilation is a good idea. Make sure the weather is conducive to the coating hardening, below fifty-five degrees and it will not harden. Wait about five or six hours to apply the second coat.

If there are any cracks or pits in the floor, an epoxy product is used to fill in the problem areas. This should be done before the first coat or before the second coat. We have heard of both methods. Always read the directions before beginning a project like this, some epoxy concrete floor coatings may have different instructions.

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