Five Great Inexpensive Fathers Day Gift Ideas

If the economy has you strapped for cash, and you’re looking for inexpensive Fathers Day gift ideas, you have come to the right place. We have five quality gift ideas that you can get for under $20, and he is sure to love at least one of them.

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Charcoal Chimney Starter

If Dad loves to grill with charcoal, this is the only way to get the coals going. No lighter fluid necessary, and within 20 minutes, all the coals are red hot, putting out nice even heat. There are several brands available either at the big box stores or online. With a little shopping, you can find Dad a quality charcoal starter that will last for years Funny Anime T-Shirt.

First Aid Kit

This is a unique idea that most people won’t think of. But a quality First Aid Kit is something that can always come in handy for Dad, or the rest of the family. It is a great way to be prepared, and get something for Dad. And if Dad is accident prone, then it can be a great gag gift as well.

Pocket Knife

Dads always carry around a pocket knife. They have so many uses, and they always come in handy. They are a perfect gift for any Dad. Finding a quality pocket knife for under $20 isn’t difficult. Just look for quality name brand knives like Buck, Case, or Gerber. These companies have been making knives for years, and some of them have life time warranties.


At first glance, this looks a little cheesy, but there are so many options these days, that it’s easy to find Dad something that he will enjoy. You can get his favorite team, race car driver, player, sport, hobby, funny sayings. You name it, it’s on a t-shirt and Dad will wear it.

Indoor Golf Ball

Yes, INDOOR golf ball. If Dad is crazy about golf, and loves to practice, then get him an indoor golf ball. He’s sure to love the extra time he can spend practicing.

There you have five simple and inexpensive Fathers Day gift ideas. It is not difficult to find Dad something he will enjoy on Fathers Day, and making it an inexpensive gift is not difficult if you spend a little time doing some research.

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