Five Reasons Twilight Saga New Moon Movie Shifts Fans to Team Jacob

When most people read the books in the Twilight Series, they find themselves rooting for either Edward or Jacob to win the heart of Bella in the end. The majority of us หนังใหม่ hd tend to be “Team Edward.” However, since the release of the New Moon movie, I have noticed a huge swing to “Team Jacob.” Here are five reasons fans are changing their minds (and hearts).

  • Taylor Lautner is just more attractive in the movie. There, I have said it. He may be younger than most of the women watching the Twilight movies, but you cannot deny that he did a better job of getting himself ready for the movie physically.
  • By the time most fans watch the Twilight movies, they have already read the books. When you have finished reading the books, you cannot help but get the feeling that Taylor got the short end of the stick. No spoiler here, but it is easy to be sympathetic to Jacob while watching the movies when you know how it is all going to end.
  • Taylor Lautner has done a better job of public relations. He is well-spoken in interviews and generally a fun personality to watch both in the movie and in real life.
  • Watching the movie, it is hard to understand why Bella continues to pine away for Edward month after month when Jacob is right in front of her. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had great chemistry in the first Twilight movie. However, they are together very little in the second movie and you start to wonder why they were even together to begin with.
  • Everyone loves an underdog, literally in this case. Edward has everything in the world going for him and the deck is stacked against Jacob. It is human nature to root for the person who has to fight against the odds.

It will be interesting to see how the wave of “Team Edward” versus “Team Jacob” ebbs and flows when the remaining Twilight Saga movies are released.

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