Functionality of PDF Editor and PDF Converter Tools

Portable Document Format is a computer application which is widely used by the computer users across the Internet to present documents on several subjects in a professional manner. One can easily and smoothly create PDF files as they have got great conversion ability. You can create this document out of any other file format with the help of several different kinds of computer programs. There are PDF editors or converters available in the market. These are common computer programs used for the purpose of creating a PDF file.For more information click over here .

The editor and converter tools are the ones that equip a user with different functionalities. You can create contracts, proposals, legal files, agreement forms, application forms, newsletters and much more. In a file, one can even add annotation, comments, hyperlinks, bookmarks and also attach other files for reference. You can even make space in a document for footnotes or citations or add thumbnails and much more.

The editing tools enable you to open a Word file format in a non-editable text. It gives you an opportunity to edit the text, insert graphics, charts, columns, images, reset the layouts, etc. You can also insert hyperlinks, bookmarks, encrypt the file, merge and split two or more documents. A person can do all these things without losing the originality of a file. It helps a person to prepare a file in such a professional manner. Some tools also have OCR features or an ability to even edit faxes and much more.

With the help of PDF converter tools, a person can easily and conveniently convert Word, Excel, Power Point and other such applications into PDF and vice versa. You can extract images or portions of text from the non-editable format and use it elsewhere. A person can protect the content by encrypting with a password and even remove the password of any file whenever required. Some advanced programs enable you to annotate the PDF, rotate the pages and even highlight or underline the text. All these are the features of the converter or editing tools that can make your life easier while handling vast amount of information.

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