How to Determine Bra Size – Tips and Recommendations

Years ago before I knew how to determine bra size, I was wearing bras that actually horrify me to this day. They absolutely did not fit, in fact, they just made me look saggy and frumpy. I pretty much figured that was just the plight of a woman with bh größen rechner breasts. Some of my bras were so comfortable I figured they just had to be the correct size (never mind the straps had stretched to twice their original size!).

Then came a few new bras only because the old ones were getting tattered with missing hooks. Now, the one thing in the world I used to hate the most was bra shopping. I always seemed to get some pushy lingerie lady that was far too eager to fit me in a bra. Did I look that bad? But, this time I knew my breasts had changed after having kids, and I’d never looked into discovering how to determine bra size. I decided I’d go for the gusto and go to a bra specialty store to get an official fitting. They measured, they poked and prodded and finally hooked me up with two new bras. I tried them on and they seemed right, so off I went.

The next day I excitedly put on one of my new bras and went about my day. Within two hours I was flat-out miserable. This thing was squeezing me like a Boa Constrictor and digging into parts of my epidermis I’ve never given a second thought to! I had that thing off and one of my old bras on by mid morning. I decided I would take on the task of finding a bra size calculator and learning how to size my own bra.

I got some contradictory information online and had tips from people who didn’t know what they were talking about. Finally, with enough research I gathered all the information I needed for proper measurements and a bra sizing chart that was spot on. And then, I made yet another mistake. I tried to take the measurements myself. Let me just say, this is next to impossible since it involves holding your arms out to the sides for one of the measurements. I recommend you volunteer someone close to you for the task, you can do it alone, but it will not only be much more time-consuming, but prone to inaccuracies. There is, however, a way to do it without holding your arms out to the sides, but might not provide the most accurate results. I will say, it’s better than nothing!

The final result was a perfectly fitting bra, as well as a much more attractive figure. I was shocked how much better I looked in the right size bra. Trust me, Oprah is right about this… Let me give you a few hints about bras that aren’t fitted correctly, just in case you’re one of the many women still in denial. If you are experiencing back pain, sore shoulders and can even affect your posture. If your breasts are spilling out of the cups or coming out underneath, it’s time to get out that tape measure. If your bras are uncomfortable and irritating your skin, you are wearing the wrong bra size. Finally, if the band on your bra is sliding around or migrating, you need to reconsider your bra size.

In preparation for measuring yourself, it helps to have a bra on, even if it’s old and completely ill-fitting. It helps keep your breasts up where they need to be when you measure. Don’t pull the tape measure so tight it squeezes your breasts or into your ribcage, it needs to be firm, not tight.

If you have come out of denial (you’d be one of 8 out of 10 women wearing the wrong bra size) and can finally see it would benefit you to look into how to determine bra size. Again, it’s not difficult, just takes a wee bit of knowledge and assistance.

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