How To Get A Permanent Driving License

Driver’s who’s only polished highway driving skill appears to be the innate ability to hang another driver’s blind spot for miles on end.

Stuck somewhere between our regular (Class D in New York) drivers license and a commercial license, would be a Highway Class driver’s amendment or license. It would only become prohibited to induce designated high speed roadways without one.
“Pow!” Right into a ditch or worse, another vehicle.
Now this author has never been an advocate for more rule and regulation but let’s get serious. We simply cannot tolerate these motorists on our highways any more. They’re simply way too dangerous.
Tailgaters with no clue as to what’s happening on the road anywhere past the bumper in front of them. Passengers practicing the masterful art of being a true street threats almost anywhere you look.

Drivers who drive so seldom they do not even own a vehicle. They rent dust off their driver’s permit and take to the highways placing themselves and all the rest people at extreme risk.

And unfortunately, yes – as a result? Accidents Rijschool Hellevoetsluis all over the place, holding up traffic for miles. It is not very pretty. And “Hey!” It’s always the other guy’s fault.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. For all those of us who invested considerable time on the highways over the last two weekends, we all hope all survived without any seriously traumatic incidents.

Holiday driving really seems to bring out the worst of our highway motorists. As I cruised the highways I stumbled back in virtually complete disbelief. Can it be that almost no one knows how to push our highways anymore? Or is it that the minority who do not, stand out so vividly it only appears that nearly everyone is a danger?
Drivers from all walks of life who just take to the highways a few times per year to get to Grandma’s or their chosen holiday destination.
If we are going to get serious about reducing the carnage on our highways, then we may need to take some dramatic measures as a society. Is it time to get a Highway Driving Permit?
Rolling roadblocks on cruise control nearly everywhere – being cut off by faster drivers who haven’t got an idea about throttle steer, or what kind of suspension they have and how it impacts their handling.

While we would not advocate street blocks to find out whether the driver is correctly licensed, penalties, even when discovered driving on the street with no one, could be severe – perhaps even temporary revocation.
Cars weaving back and forth within their lanes, drifting from side to side, completely incapable of keeping their buggies centered or worse, perhaps not even aware they are weaving. Same drivers totally not able to take the smallest turn or curve without slipping out of their lane and also dangerously close to other motorists, nervously avoiding them in the adjoining lanes.
Younger, inexperienced drivers off to college. Senior drivers poking along, seemingly unable to find four cars in front of them.
It is time to get a Highway Driving License. Just how would it operate?
Countless citizens who do not have any clue how their cars will respond under an emergency move and worse – would not have the faintest idea of how to control it did begin to move sideways.

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