How Your Website Can Be Banned From Google

To help keep your company safe and still productive on Google, we are going to provide you with some examples of online marketing tactics that you should avoid. By avoiding google scrape these questionable practices, your website will continue to remain in the good graces of Google and their algorithms.

  • Link Schemes – Any website that uses links in order to manipulate their existing ranking among Google’s search results will be considered by the search engine to be participating in a link scheme. To avoid your site from being banned by Google, you should only build your links in the appropriate manner. There are many acceptable methods that you can use to increase your rankings through links that are acceptable by Google.
  • Doorway Pages – The term doorway pages is used to refer to websites that include a large amount of poor-quality pages that are each optimized for specific keywords or phrases. Google has been known to reduce page rankings of websites that use these techniques to zero. In order to avoid this from happening to your website, you should only use the appropriate amount of keywords and phrases throughout your website. You will also be rewarded for using these keywords in original well-written content that is featured on your website.
  • Bad Network – If your website is using a blog network with the sole purpose of creating backlinks, Google highly frowns upon that practice. If your site is found to be participating on one of these blog networks, Google will remove you from search results and your website will become virtually invisible.
  • Scrape Content – Using scrape content in your website content is another way to suffer the wrath of Google. Scrape content is a term used to describe content that can be found on other sites in order to make your website appear more credible while also increasing the amount of pages of your website.

These are all proven techniques that have been proven to get your website removed from Google search results. If you would like your site to remain active and presented to searchers looking for a specific type of product or service that you offer, you should avoid using any of these SEO techniques. There are plenty of available SEO marketing techniques that will not get your website penalized.

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