IT Sales Recruitment For Various Organisations Through Agencies

Whether it is software, hardware or web hosting, many would argue that the reseller market is saturated. Despite the opening of new markets such as cloud computing, there are always countless resellers pushing any product. The industry is highly competitive but that isn’t to say there are no longer opportunities for reseller Executive Search companies to be successful. Despite having a huge number in their service, many large Channel Sales Directors will tell you that the bulk of their channel sales are made by just a handful of resellers.

It’s because of this reality that the market can be so competitive. A small reseller outlet has to compete against better established companies, with better established sales teams. Every reseller business is defined by its sales team and good sales staff are rarely active on the employment market. Good sales people don’t always use job boards. For this reason IT sales recruitment relies heavily on head hunting and search and select techniques to identify people before they start looking. They develop contacts with sales staff through networking events and online social networking, often developing professional relationships with sales people over many years. This is because the best sales people are always employed and often reluctant to leave their already lucrative positions without persuasion.

A poor sales team can finish a business and a team member who fails to pull in sales is essentially a drain on resources. On the other hand, hiring the right IT Sales professional can propel a business to the next level. However, it is vitally important that a business does not rest its performance on a few individuals and IT sales recruitment should therefore be an ongoing process for any reseller or channel sales manager.

For those who undertake in house sales recruitment, they will know this can lead to back to back interviews with very little return on time. IT recruitment agencies will take this element of the process upon themselves. They too are sales people and therefore uniquely placed to identify prime sales candidates. While it is unlikely that any Sales Manager needs support in negotiating a hire, an IT sales recruiter will deal with initial salary expectations and work with their clients to reinforce the offers made to candidates. They will also have existing links to competitor companies, know where to find the best candidates and pre-empt counter offers and avoid bidding wars.

If your sales floor has a high turnover of staff, using an IT recruitment agency reduces risk. They very often offer rebate terms to protect their client if a candidate doesn’t work out. They also dig deep into a candidate’s history to expose any worrying patterns of employment. If you want more from your recruitment they can also undertake references throughout the process and carry out open days and psychometric testing.

Using a good IT Sales recruitment agency on an exclusive basis has further benefits. By removing the risk of another agency taking the role you effectively employ your own in house recruiter on a no placement no fee basis. Sales recruiters, much like reseller sales staff, will hedge their bets, working with multiple clients at any one time. By agreeing to an exclusive deal with your recruitment consultant you will benefit from better rates and their dedicated efforts.

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