Joe Vitale Fan Club: Joe Vitale Secrets – How Joe Went From Rags to Riches

Joe Vitale secrets of how Joe went from rags to riches are uncovered in a revolutionary post at the Joe Vitale Fan club. Would you like to know what drove Joe to “rags”? Would you like to know the secrets of how he went from there to riches?

The Joe Vitale Fan Club is a place where those who are fans of Joe can come and learn more about him. It is also a place where they can give testimonials about how his copywriting principles have benefitted them in their lives.

Joe Vitale is considered by many to be the best copywriter on the planet, but it wasn’t always so. What is the history of the Joe Vitale secrets?

In 1984, Joe was excited because he just published one of his first books. The problem was that it did not sell because Joe did not know anything about marketing, and to his dismay, neither did his publisher.

After that, things went from bad to worse. He tried to help himself. He gave almost all of his money to a big oil company that was supposed to, in return, give him a high-paying job. Then, BAM, without Vitalflow warning, the company went bankrupt, and the CEO even committed suicide!

Joe was suddenly homeless. The local library became his best “friend” because it gave him a place to read and even to sleep.

Joe went through countless jobs and finally gave in and studied marketing.

In 1999, he discovered something that made his life turn around. This discovery constitutes the basis of the Joe Vitale secrets of how he went from rags to riches.

He continued to build on that discovery and became a much sought-after public speaker-even though early in his career, he had to steady his nerves by leaning back against a wall as he gave a presentation to only six people.

What were his secrets? He had three: First of all,he was not afraid to try again after failure. Secondly, he continued to study until he learned what he needed to know. Finally, he took action on what he learned.

Joe’s story is one that can be an inspiration to anyone going through hard times.

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