Keyword Canine Review Article


Keyword Canine is a new software system that helps you dissect your competition by analyzing the keywords that you are trying to target. This software features the ability to report how strong the top 10 search results are, for the related keywords that you might want to analyze. This can be a very valuable tool for you since rank tracker api trying to do keyword research manually is very time consuming and almost impossible for many people. This software process tons of data all at once, delivering you easy to understand reports and niche analysis. If you are looking to maximize profitability through your Internet marketing campaigns, then this kind of tool can be absolutely helpful for you.

Why Keyword Research Is Important

Keyword research is the starting point to successful search engine optimization. It is often over-looked by many Internet marketers who struggle to make money online. If you do not get the right keywords to target, then you can potentially lose a lot of time and money. Picking keywords that are too high in competition means you have a slim to none chance making it towards the top of Google. Pick keywords that nobody is searching for on a monthly basis, and forget about getting hits to your site. This is where Keyword Canine can really help you. It shows you a detailed analysis of your targeted keywords.

Keyword Canine Analysis Report features data on:

  • Local search
  • Result count
  • Quoted count
  • Average page rank
  • Average page links
  • Average site links
  • Lowest page rank
  • Lowest site links
  • Local monthly searches
  • Global monthly searches
  • Approximate CPC
  • Advertiser competition

Some additional tools Keyword Canine features are:

  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Database
  • Niche Finder
  • Back Link Analysis
  • Limited Exposure
  • Multi-Country Support
  • Data Precision
  • Free Updates and Mac Compatible
  • API Access
  • Risk-Free Guarantee

All these tools are going to help you do even more detailed reporting on your keyword campaigns. With such tools as the Niche Finder, you will have access to the latest keywords that Keyword Canine has come upon. Back Link Analysis is going to enable you to even monitor the back links of your competitors’ websites as well. All the search data is straight from Google so you know that you are getting the correct and precise data that you need.

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