Making Money Online With Keyword Research (Part Two)

In the last article we discussed how Keyword Research will do a lot of different things to help you in your business. We concluded that you can use it to not only make more keywords search volume database money but also better serve your customers. Talk about a winning combination, that is as good as it gets.

The thing is, with Google and all the other search engines giving us mountains of data every day, there is no end to the research that can be done on search engine behavior using Keywords. I think it has opened up a whole new field of psychology, based on studying search terms in Google.

Regardless of that, Keyword Research can be complex and sophisticated. And even though we are just business owners and not research scientists, it is still a really good idea to know how the research is done and how it is analyzed and used. Here is how it works:

How It Is Done:

  • It collects the words people use when they are searching on search engines.
  • Data is constantly added to the Great Google Database. It is estimated that over 300 million search terms are added to the database every week.
  • The computers tally the number of times each Keyword phrase is used in web searches.
  • It stores all of that information somewhere (e.g. on the Google servers)
  • This creates a massive, growing database of search engine behavior as shown through Keyword Research.

What happens is that computer smart-guys (also known as geeks) create special software tools to go through this huge database. THEN because of that we can actually search through this big database using the tools the geeks made.

Because we can now search the Great Database we can get an unlimited number of Keyword lists. They have even been linguistically analyzed so you can get information on related terms you never even thought of.

This is where the information comes from that we use in our supply and demand calculations (comparing number of searches to number of results). The database can tell us the best and the most promising Keywords (with the most searches and the least competition.)

It is really great that the Great Database can tell us how many other competing web pages there are for every Keyword phrase. This is an incredibly valuable metric. Without it we could not measure the competitiveness of Keyword terms.

With competition calculated throughout the internet, including various search engines and pay-per-click advertising, you can know what markets to stay out of and what markets to get into.

The geeks not only look at the past to calculate historical trends, but they also use the data to predict the future. These modern-day soothsayers can, with a high degree of certainty, predict how often each Keyword will be used in searches next week, next month, and maybe even next year.

Hopefully you now see that if you use Keyword Research consistently in your website copy and in your business strategy and marketing plans, your business will succeed online.

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