Music Business Cards Spread Your Talent Out to the Ones Who Matter

His outrageously hair sat aside, Beethoven is best remembered for his music. He is not only Allen Kovac considered as one of the greatest composers of all time-some critics say he was the greatest ever.

What separate Beethoven from other great composers is his penchant for shunning conventions and revolutionizing things. Conforming to the established form is the hallmark of the Classical Period, the musical epoch wherein Beethoven was born into. Composers were expected to make music in accordance to the conventions. Realizing the limitations of adhering to such dogma, Beethoven diverged and revolutionized music compositions and instrumental techniques-ushering in a new vibrant music movement in the process which prioritizes expressing deep emotions rather than heavily observing conventional forms.

The way Beethoven revolutionized music was unheard of before his time. It may be one reason enough for music critics to crown him as the composers of all composers. However, Beethoven has one non-music related accomplishment that would merit him the title “greatest composer” of all time.

Beethoven was not only a revolutionary musical composer-he was also a revolutionary artist.

During Beethoven’s time it was not possible for musicians to creatively exist without a patron’s help. Patrons provide musicians the necessary financial help so that they can focus all their creative energies on making the kind of music patrons want.

What made Beethoven different from the great musicians before was that he was the first one to turn down a patron. Tired of a patron’s meddling over his personal life, which he considered a creative hindrance, Beethoven was the first to emphasize an artist’s need for independence.

Scores of composers and musicians have carved their path to greatness following Beethoven’s way. Even some rock musicians these days have started out as indies. Bands like Death Cab For Cutie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Spoon, and The Decembrists have started out in the independent circuit.

Yet times have changed since Beethoven’s time. Today, you being creative would not be enough to make a successful musical career. You also need to treat music as a business.

One way to make music as an effective business is to form the right networks with the right people. And that can be effectively done with music business cards.

With music business cards, a musician’s chances of attracting a major record deal with large labels would definitely increase.

Essential Information to Include in Music Business Cards:

Music Business Cards should clearly indicate the musician’s name. The name should be made printed on the top portion of the card so that it can be easily seen. Other essential information, such as, street addresses, telephone number(s), fax number, e-mail addresses, and website, should be included in these cards as well.


Your music business cards should have a striking visual effect and should express your creativity as an artist. But it does not need to be too artsy. Music business cards should still have that professional look.

Traditional music business cards are made of paper/card. However, you can also opt for other cards material. Frosted translucent plastic music business cards and those that are made from other types of plastic are popular these days because of their sturdy quality.

Some cards also feature special materials that provide eye-catching appearance. Some special materials that can make stunning music business cards are rubber, magnets, poker chips, and wooden nickels.

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