Proven Dirt Bikes for Competition and Fun

Whether you are competing or just having a blast, Yamaha dirt bikes are built for you. Dirt biking can be a great hobby, or a thriving passion. Depending on your dirt bike for teenager wants and needs in a bike, you have a lot of different options. Some are built for more power, some are lighter to offer more speed, and while we’ll be glad to help you; it is up to you to decide which one to go for. Here is a good look at Yamaha’s machines that will provide some guidance in helping you choose what’s right for you.

Yamaha Motocross

Motocross is the big thing with Yamaha Bikes. The top motocross model for Yamaha is the YZ450F. This machine has one of the best reputations and some of the biggest championship titles in the industry. It boasts an unmatched system that stabilizes and centralizes the mass. It is built with a rearward slanted 449cc four stroke engine that is revolutionary and the best match for top riders. Combine these features with the durability and dependability you expect from every machine bearing the name Yamaha and you have one of the best dirt bikes in the sport.

The top of the off-road class Yamaha Dirt bike is the WR series. The WR450F comes with a 449cc liquid-cooled four stroke engine with five titanium valves to deliver more power and crisp throttle response. The aluminum frame reduces the weight while optimizing the mass centralization. Most of the features on this Yamaha dirt bike aim towards weight reduction while providing the same Yamaha standards and feel you expect from the top of the line motocross bikes. Lighter weight means more power and faster times.

Recreational Dirt Bikes

If you are more of a recreational rider or maybe not into such a powerful bike, the TT-R series is a great line of Yamaha dirt bikes. The TT-R230 is the top in this line and is great for beginner and intermediate riders. While not providing quite the punch of the bigger machines, this dirt bike still packs a plenty powerful 223cc air-cooled four stroke engine. The design is based around handling, maneuverability and mobility. All of these features are designed to help build confidence in the rider and provide the great feel of Yamahas at the same time.

Yamaha Has Small Bikes Too

Every rider has to start somewhere. If you have a child that is interested in motocross there is an option for them too. The PW50 is the beginners Yamaha bike. This bike has a complete automatic transmission, so your little learner can concentrate on the basics of riding. It comes with an adjustable throttle, a 49cc air cooled two stroke engine and is essentially maintenance free. This machine is designed to get your little rider up the off-road learning curve quickly and easily.

Regardless of whether you are a pro or just beginning, there is a Yamaha bike for you. Yamaha dirt bikes are built to centralize the bike’s mass, be dependable, and give you the ride of your life. With one of these bikes you can enjoy motocross or just off-road playing around on your favorite trails.

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