Shooting at Fort Hood, TX – Take Two

The Fort Hood shooting tragedy on November 5, 2009 sent shockwaves through our military and our country. It was darn near impossible to fathom the attack on a military base in broad daylight much less by what turned out to be a U.S.-born soldier on his fellow soldiers. As if that was not enough, the alleged shooter was a psychiatrist, a medical doctor sworn to serve and heal those very same soldiers coming home from the war effort.

I wrote my original Fort Hood article the day after the shooting, long before the dust settled and we were able to obtain accurate information. For that article I had not constructed an accurate event wheel because the actual time of the shooting had not been released at that time. The time of the shooting was established at 1:34 pm CST. Much more is known now about the Fort Hood shooting and shooter who was identified as Nidal Malik Hasan, a military officer and doctor, a psychiatrist. Recently the alleged shooter was transferred out of the hospital into the military prison system and the legal process accelerated. The religious overtones, this act of terrorism and other home-grown terrorist acts, the misuse of communication (particularly online), and other points made in the initial article have been validated by experience

The very difficult transiting Saturn/Uranus opposition that has been making life so difficult is moving towards its end, which is why I thought an update was due. Count the upcoming conclusion of this opposition aspect as a blessing. It has one more hurrah as it finishes this very long activation on July 26, 2010. However, there is a caution to this date. Even though Saturn will move on and away from the opposition to Uranus and break up the difficult opposition, Uranus is not quite finished with Fort Hood.

Most of the Saturn/Uranus opposition took place across the Virgo/Pisces axis activating the USA natal Neptune and the Fort Hood natal Sun simultaneously. However it did have activation in Aries/Libra as well when Saturn changed signs briefly then retrograded back to complete its stay in Virgo/Pisces. That last activation was and still is to the Fort Hood Mars (00 Lib 49). On the day of the shooting transiting Saturn was at 00 Lib 44, only 5′ from exact conjunction(really close) with the Fort Hood Mars, with opposition partner Uranus right on (conjunct) the opposition to the USA Neptune (Ura 22 Pis 59 to USA Nep 22 Vir 24, a half degree) and a two degree conjunction to the Fort Hood Sun at 25 Vir 08. Those Virgo degrees are now history, however the Fort Hood Mars remains active.

On May 29 2010, Uranus moved into Aries and added its specific flavor to the Mars activation. This is the beginning of the Uranus activation of Mars, not the end. Saturn had done the first activation of Mars at the time of the shooting itself and now it will move back into Libra July 22nd and will exactly conjunct Mars on July 31st. After that it will continue on and not come back to this point. Saturn will be finished with Mars. Yes! Uranus on the other hand will not be finished with Mars until March 2011. This shooting and the repercussions of the incident are still active. Considering that there is an inquiry and trial ongoing, this should not be a surprise.

I stand by what I wrote in the earlier column and choose not to repeat myself here. I did find more connections once I had more accurate information. I constructed a multiple wheel (eight wheels on one diagram to help pinpoint the main areas. I started with the USA Virgo rising wheel in the center because the whole episode is on the shoulders of our country; the oil spill is directly affecting our country at the moment. We as a nation own this incident. I then progressed the USA natal to the date of the explosion plus cast a diurnal (day wheel) for the day of the explosion as it relates to the USA wheel (that is three wheels in an overlay). I then added the Fort Hood natal and progressed wheels (five wheels in overlay). I then added Hasan’s natal and progressed wheels (two more) plus added the wheel from the shooting itself (eight). The drawing looks like a plate of spaghetti, but since I put each wheel in a different color, it is really not that difficult to keep each single wheel intact or to understand the connections between the wheels. My past use of multiple relationship wheels developed that skill…useful!

What do you do with it? You look for the groupings that naturally form between the wheels. I limited myself to conjunctions and oppositions with tight orbs. Astrologers, this should give you both the method I used and the points used. I apologize to readers who are not astrologers. I do not know how to make this any easier for you to read. I have identified each position by wheel. My suggestion is that as you attempt to read the following list that you simply recognize the huge number of connections between the eight different wheels. It is as if we were looking through eight different windows at a single event, a tragic, pointless shooting. This shooting was not an accident or a coincidence, it was a lesson

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