Sniper Paintball Guns – The Top Paintball Accessories For the Scenario Paintball Player

Paintball has officially returned to the woods. More people are playing scenario and woodsball than ever before. The industry has become flooded with military style markers, tactical paintball vests and camo accessories. Many people are buying base best paintball guns for 300 model paintball guns or converting their current guns to be used in the woods. This article will discuss some of the most important accessories you will need to build a sniper paintball gun that’s ‘battle ready’.

Paintball Barrel – Woods or speedball, a paintball barrel is typically the first upgrade anyone makes to a paintball gun. An upgraded barrel offers the most drastic change in performance allowing you to achieve further, more accurate shots. Barrels come in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 22 inches. Barrel porting and muzzle breaks are usually added to the design of higher-end barrels to control air flow and offer a better transition for the paintball as it exits the barrel. Some manufacturers incorporate rifling in their barrels. Rifled barrels use very shallow linear or spiral grooves on the surface of the inner bore of the barrel to either restrict or create spin on the paintball. This is believed to help resist the factors that affect a paintball during flight and the inherent flaws of the paintball itself.

In many cases, you get what you pay for when purchasing a paintball barrel. Spend a little extra on this upgrade. More expensive barrels are better milled and have spent more time in development and testing. Find a size that will accommodate add-ons like a hand guard, mock suppressor or sight. Better quality barrels will normally have their bore size indicated making ‘paintball to barrel’ matching easier. The right paint match is critical to a barrel’s performance.

Paintball Stock – A paintball stock will definitely add to the look of a sniper paintball gun but the importance of one extends much further. A stock will help add stability when shooting your marker. It also helps to reduce fatigue since less energy is used to support and shoot the paintball gun when it is stationed against a fixed point. Many stocks on the market either collapse or fold to the side of the gun. This is important in scenario events in which you will encounter both open field and close quarter shooting. Stocks are also important because they offer a mounting point for a sling which will be discussed below. Stock can be either gun specific or universal. Gun-specific stocks are made to attach uniquely to a specific gun model. Universal stocks will typically attach to a trigger frame or bottle adapter, parts normally found on all paintball guns.

Tactical Paintball Vest – Although not a specific gun part, a good tactical paintball vest will allow you to store what you need at all times in the woods. Many of the Molle-based systems offer the flexibility of adding different accessory pouches. You can rebuild your vest each time you go out carrying only what you need for that specific event. Many vests also incorporate a hydration system which can really make a difference on hot days. Find a vest with bottle carrying capacity. Most vests have the ability to hold an air tank in either the vertical or horizontal position as well as pods or tubes in an easy to reach place. Being able to relocate your tank is crucial to reducing the weight of your paintball gun and maintaining gun balance.

Paintball Remote – Remotes allow you to relocate your paintball tank to an off-gun site usually in a tactical vest or harness. This reduces gun weight and size, allowing you to react faster and move quicker. Remote lines are usually in the form of a coil similar to a phone cord. This allows the line to coil up and extend staying out of the way of the shooter at all times. All remotes attach at the gun via a quick disconnect which makes airing-up and degassing your paintball gun a snap. Find a remote line with a slide check. A slide check will allow you to disconnect your remote from your gun while your remote is still attached to your air source. Sliding the collar on the slide check will stop the air flow when you disconnect your gun from the remote line.

Paintball Scopes – Scopes or sights are not always used in paintball because people often have the wrong conception of them. Magnified sights are difficult to use in paintball due to the speed of the game and obstruction of paintball goggles. A good non-magnified red dot paintball sight is a must for a sniper paintball gun. These sights are designed to allow the shooter to achieve fast target acquisition. The red dot is projected within the scope itself. It does not project outside the scope in front of the paintball gun. Users are able to achieve a complete view of the area in front of them using the red dot as a focal point. Paintball scopes are available in many different shapes, sizes and mounting specifications. Choose a scope with a red dot intensity adjustment, dot location adjustment and with the proper mounting capabilities to fit your paintball marker. Most paintball markers will accept either a 3/8 inch or standard weaver scope mount.

Paintball Sling – The paintball sling is a very important, underused item in the woods. Scenario markers can be a bit on the heavy side. Having a sling will greatly reduce fatigue. Many slings are made to allow your marker to comfortably hang from your body in a ready position. Slings vary in their attachments points. 2 and 3 point slings offer the greatest degree of adjustability. A 1 point paintball sling usually attaches at the rear of the marker or stock and is the least obstructive to the operation of the marker.

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