Speculation Investments Dispelling the Myth

“I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.” -Brian Tracy

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Investment speculation has a reputation of being shady, risky, and dangerous. Needless to say speculators tend to be seen as wild card investors that act more like gamblers then educated financial professionals.

However, speculation is an important part of the United States economy. Speculation is done in all aspects of investing including stocks, commodities, bonds, and currency exchanges. Speculation is not well received because most people have no idea what speculation is and ignorance breeds rumors and misinformation. Speculators are usually experienced and successful financial planners who understand the motion of the stock market and the fluctuations in the global economy satta matka.

Speculation is defined as the process of choosing investments, today, based on the predicted profit of that investment in the future. Speculation is not gambling because investors utilize research, past and present performance, and market trends to make their decisions. Many speculators use hedging to prevent significant market losses. For example, a farmer plants his crops and sells his anticipated crop production at a set price.

A speculator buys up these stocks. If the price goes up, in the stock market, they sell the stocks for a profit. However, if the price falls below what they originally paid for it, they lose money. Farming is just one example of how speculation works. Many corporations in a variety of industries utilize speculation to make sure their companies stay healthy and in business.

If there were no speculators, there would be no security for corporations and our national industries that drive the American economy. Obviously, speculation is high risk and should not be attempted by the casual investor. However, there are several websites which allow investors to “practice” their hand at speculation without risking money.

Many financial experts believe that our economy needs more speculative. For example, with increased speculation, there can be guaranteed prices for commodities which are currently overpriced and increasing. Wouldn’t it be great if gas prices could become stable and you could predict exactly how much money you would need to fill up your car.

You could simply buy a contact and pay for your next 500 gallons of gas, at a set price per gallon. Once you entered the contract the price per gallon would never increase for you. Speculation can be a tricky endeavor but knowing how speculation works and how it could effect the future prices of common commodities is extremely important.

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