Techniques Used to Bend Aluminium Tubes

Aluminium is extensively used to produce a countless number of products around us. Whether we are in our home, office, construction site, travelling in our car on the road or even China aluminium tube supplier taking a trip by train or aeroplane, there are hundreds of things produced with aluminium and aluminium tubes that surround us.

The reason behind the popularity of aluminium, as a metal, lies in its non-toxic, light weight, recyclable properties. It is thus not hard to imagine that aluminium tubes are fast replacing plastic and steel tubes wherever they can.

Because aluminium has different physical properties, as compared to other metals, therefore there are certain techniques that are used to produce a bend in the aluminium tubes which can or cannot be used for other metals.

Some of the very common bending techniques used for aluminium tubes are Induction Bending, Rotary Draw bending, Hot Bending, Synchronized Cold Bending and Point Bending also known as Gag Pressing.

• Induction Bending is by far the most popular method as it is very easy and at the same time highly effective. Moreover it is also a cheap process. The aluminium pipe is pushed by hydraulic press into an area which is coiled by copper wires. When the bending area is fixed in place with a pivoted arm and the radius is set, the copper wires produce the heat to raise the temperature of the area that is being bent while the rest of the pipe is kept cool with water or air spray. This facilitates the bent to be in a specific area without distorting the rest of the pipe.

• For more complicated bends, the Rotary Draw Method is widely used. The tube that has to bend is rotated around a die of the shape that is required.

• Hot Bending is simple method in which the heat is directly applied to the tube, for example through flame, which is then bent after it is heated up. This kind of method is most used in repairing something and has a crude finish.

• Synchronized Cold Bending Method is a very technical way of bending the tube or aluminium pipe while it is cold (not heated). The pressure is applied to the tube in a synchronized manner so that a bend is prepared with an even finish.

• The Point Bending Method or Gag Pressing is used when the requirement is to produce a slight curve with a large radius. Point loads are used in collaboration with hydraulic ram to achieve this kind of bend.

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