Three Great Zombie Games

So, do you want to play zombie games? Thousands of zombies, some weapons and you… only you. You know what you must do, don’t you? Yeah, it’s time to rock!

There are several excellent zombie games on the web – and you should feel lucky for it, you only need look for and play. There are several zombie flash games – and I really love them. Take your weapon and make your own way, trying to survive. In some games, you need drive cars, in others, just kill how many zombies you can. Chose one and have fun.

And when you need have some fun quickly, of course, you need some online game easy to play and without installation. Yeah, you need a good flash game! And there are several flash gaming sites where you can get good fun!

One great zombie game that I knew some weeks ago is Earn To Die. In this game, you need drive a car until reach a helicopter and run away from a city infested of zombies. How many zombies you get to run over, more money you receive to upgrade your car. Talking seriously, it is any zombie-killer’s dream, isn’t it? Buy weapons, better engine, turbo (yeah, we have turbo!) and you will can discover what there will be inside of zombie corpses!

But, maybe you prefer a game with more narrative and some strategy, maybe you prefer… The Last Stand! This game has two excellent sequels and if you like to games where you can buy weapons and shoot for defense, so you’ll love this. In The Last Stand, you are a survivor, trapped in a city with some thousands of thousands of zombies. You don’t have another choice, you need survive until some backup appears, so prepare yourself to some nights of terror.

Didn’t you like those games? Calm down, we have another option yet and it’s called SAS: Zombie Assault 3! Here, you’ll have much more action and strategy, controlling a police investigating how zombies started to appear. And it can be scary, when you start to meet fast and strong zombies. So, be prepared!

These are only three suggestions about zombie games. There are several others and you should play all of them, if you really love it! Well, I love zombie games, so I can’t stop to play them, actually, I need go and continue playing more ones. Bye!

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