Time to Start Your New Journal For 2010

One of the priceless pieces of advice from the late Jim Rohn is to keep a daily Journal.

Now is the time to start a fresh journal for 2010. You can use a spiral bound notebook or something new journal more formal. It is best if it is bound with covers so as not to lose any of the sheets.

If you already journal, close off the one ending in December 2009.

o Go back and review what you wrote down.
o Anything you want to find easily or that is significant, mark with a small Post-It flag sticker.
o Also, create a table of contents for those important entries on the inside front cover with a black sharpie.
o Mark the front outside cover with the months and year it contains.

Start your new journal off with your New Year’s purpose/why and goals written on the front page(s). Hand write these in, don’t just paste a printed copy from your computer. Going through the process of writing it down and signing your name to it is important to accepting accountability for working towards achieving those goals.

Date your pages and write headings when appropriate to help you find topics easier.

Your Thoughts and Ideas

All of your thoughts are worthy and great ideas often start as a wisp of creativity flitting through your mind. Don’t let them get away! By keeping a journal and pen handy, you can jot down those thoughts and ideas right away.

It doesn’t have to be an entire plan or article to be worth writing down. Grabbing even the seeds of inspiration can provide many areas to take your creativity.

Pay attention to when great ideas seem to hit you (in the shower, when you’re dreaming, washing dishes, etc.) and keep your journal close-by during those times. Remember to revisit those thoughts from time to time and see if you can add to them.

Trainings and Meetings

Anytime you attend a training or webinar, take notes! Just briefly write down the key ideas that impress you. Be ready to jot down websites and author names when given for further study. Trainers often make insightful statements you will want to remember.

You will also want to write down notes from your personal conversations with your mentors or upline sponsors. It is easy to think you will always remember what was said. Remember as you grow and mature personally and professionally, those nuggets of wisdom will have a greater value.

Your Triumphs

Becoming a positive thinker and having an attitude of abundance and success requires that you be kind to yourself. This is especially important during those times when the road is slow and you start having doubts.

At the end of every day, write down everything positive and constructive you did that points you in the direction of achieving your goals. This is particularly helpful when your life activities get in the way of you completing all of your daily tasks. You may start to compare yourself to someone who is very successful and active and start feeling down about yourself.

When doubts creep in, just go back and read your daily accomplishments. You will find that you are actually moving in the right direction and completing activities that move your business forward.

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