Top 5 Ways to Beat the Symptoms of Facial Nerve Cell Disorder

Did you know that the facial nerve controls the muscles on either sides of our face and it lets us show our different expressions from smiling to crying to winking? The same nerve also controls hearing and taste to an extent. This nerve is very similar to say a telephone cable, and it contains about 10,000 separate nerve fibers. Every fiber carries electrical impulses to a particular facial muscle. This impulse carries information that allows to cry, laugh, smile, frown, wink etc. This nerve also carries impulses to the tear glands, saliva glands and also to the muscle of the stirrup bone in the middle ear. So because this nerve performs so many different functions there maybe many symptoms in case of damage. So a facial nerve disorder also known as Bells Palsy could result in paralysis of the face, twitching, or dryness in the mouth or even the eye, a disorder in the taste etc. Any damage to this nerve could cause havoc in any one’s life, be it socially or psychologically.

What are the causes of Bells Palsy?

There are different causes of this disorder, and they are listed below:

  • Trauma

This includes birth trauma, surgical trauma and facial injuries.

  • Infection

An infection in the ear or the face could also affect the facial nerve.

  • Metabolism

Diabetes and pregnancy can also trigger this disorder

  • Toxins

Excessive alcohol can affect these nerves, due to an increase in the level of carbon monoxide which can poison the system.

5 ways to beat the symptoms of facial nerve problems are:-

  • To drink warm liquids, such as tea with cinnamon and ginger to ease away the symptoms of the disease. A recommended home remedy is to eat garlic with olive oil. So mash the garlic and mix it with the olive oil and then eat it.
  • To avoid milk and protect your face from exposure to wind. So always protect your face whenever you go out.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs can beat this disorder. Steroids are the usual recommendation for conditions affecting the facial nerve. Anti-inflammatory drugs may also be combined with an antiviral drug called Acyclovir.
  • Lubricating eye drops and ointments can be used to protect the eye from infection and dryness
  • If the is due to a tumor, the usual recommendation is surgery.

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