Ways on How You Can Improve Your Website Rank on Google

Getting your webpage to appear on top of the list of search results in Google is not an easy thing to do. This actually requires a few strategies and techniques along with some careful planning. This basically because Google’s search engine employs a wide array of methods in picking which web pages to show at the top end of the list of search results. A lot of different formulas are used in doing this however; check website rank on google they are kept secret by the administrators of Google. Despite this fact, you can still do some tricks that will help you push your website rank on Google to a higher spot.

How to check website position in Google rankings [2020] - Tring Web Design

I will be presenting with a couple of tips that you can employ in boosting your website rank in this article. Now, these may not exactly bring you on the number one spot, but I can assure you that this will help you drag your site a little higher. These tips are actually referred to as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
Submit Your Website to the Proper Directories

Be sure to spread out information about your site by sending it to the proper directories such as open directory project, whenever possible as to the reason that Google considers these directories as very essential website links. When you are done with your submissions, be patient because a true and breathing human being has to check your site before it can get listed inside a particular directory. Be sure to upload your website to specialized search directories. For example, a work at home mother owned small business (WAHM) should pass her site to WAHM directories.

Make Links Early And Make The Often

One of the biggest elements that Google takes a look at may perhaps be the hyperlink. In here, Google takes a look at both links to and from your site. In addition to this, Google also looks at the words or phrases that you have used on your back links. This allows it to determine the contents of your web page. With this given fact, it would be best if you utilize links in web pages as a way for you to highlight keywords. Instead of stating, “Click on this link to learn more details about SEO”, it would be better if you say, Read more information about Search Engine Optimization. Back links from different websites to your site are employed in figuring your Page Rank. You’ll be able to use Google Toolbar to check out your existing Page Rank, if you wish to do so.

You can enhance or improve your Page Rank by doing trades of inbound links with other websites that are similar in terms of content to your site or those that are relevant to your page’s content. However, banner exchanges are not as powerful. On the other hand, you may also enhance your Page Rank ensuring that your site appears on important directories. In other words, check the Page Rank from the directory’s home page.

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