What Is the Best Keyword Tool Available Today?

What is the best keyword tool you can use for keyword research? The fact is, there are many different tools you can use to determine what keywords are best for your website. To google keyword tool api determine which one is right for you, you need to break down what’s most important.

#1: Does It Offer Unlimited Usage?

You want to find a tool that not only provides you with the ability to find keywords, but that it will continue to allow you to do so without being charged again in the future.

#2: Is the data accurate?

This is perhaps the most important aspect, as inaccurate data can lead to building a site around keywords that are useless. Be sure that you compare the data the tool is outputting with the results that Google, Bing and Yahoo publishes.

#3: Does it include updates?

A tool may work perfectly fine now, but if there are changes to Google’s API or any of the other search engines API, then it will need to be updated. You want to make sure that the tool you purchase has free unlimited updates for the lifetime of the product.

#4: Extensive Help File & Support

It’s extremely important that whatever tool you purchase, that it has a help file that can guide you on how to properly utilize it’s features.

#5: Brainstorming

At some point you’ll run out of ideas for keywords, that’s when a brain storming feature will come in handy. If possible, find a tool that has a built in brainstorm function that will allow you to find keywords that you never would have thought of. It’s a great way to find hidden keywords with little to no competition.

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