Why A Free Credit Report Is Like Winning The Lottery

A free credit report is only like winning the lottery when it is already a great credit report. Otherwise, it is like reading how unhealthy you are from a doctor, and what you have been doing wrong in your finances over and over, especially if you print it out. On one hand, when you know what you have been doing wrong, you can fully and succinctly improve yourself, on another, for those that are already predisposed to not care, it drives them even deeper into apathy and “not being able to do anything about it.”

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But, a free credit report is a good thing for those who would improve themselves in this sense: they can diagnose their problems and then ultimately with patience and good effort, fix them. Even if they have to take the step of buying their credit report and working closely on it with that patience and good effort I am writing about. (I know, I took that step.) Sure, the going may be hard at times, but ultimately when you can do more things with your life, other than be lazy, it is worth it. Now, I am not saying stress yourself out or anything. But good credit is sort of like good health on a different level: If you want to have it, you must maintain it actively เครดิตฟรี กดรับเอง.

I do not mean spend $8.95 every day on the newest credit report and burn yourself out on it. I just mean keep proper track of what comes in and goes out, how it goes in and goes out and why. Work smart with the flow, in and out, use a Lotus or Microsoft Excel type spreadsheet if you need to, and do it in your head and by calculator as well, and do what needs to be done, without too much stress, yet in a way that is not lazy. Sure, a little vigilance is needed, but as the old Arabic saying with probably a little paraphrasing goes: “There is a price for everything, even that which is free, and we need to pay it. If it is free, we must at least reach out to get it or miss it.” The point made is something like that, but my point to this whole article is, although it is not seemingly related to the subject: To have good credit, we must actively live and do the good credit first, otherwise, it really is playing the lottery and losing if we leave it fully to chance and providence.

So, like I said at the beginning of this article: Having a great credit report free feels like winning the lottery, but in reality we did something right with our finances, we did not win the lottery. But if we did things right enough, it could or would feel that good.

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