Why Consider a Wash-A-Thon Car Wash Fundraiser?

There are many ways to run a carwash fundraiser and one of the best ways is to have a car-wash-athon. This is where you get pledges from people who will give you perhaps anywhere from a penny to $.10 for every car you wash. If you have a very busy carwash fundraiser you may be able to wash between 200 and 300 cars and this can add up to quite a bit of money if people are pledging five cents per car washed.

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If you have a nonprofit group which is a sports team such as a soccer team or baseball team and you have 20 kids and each kid gets two pages worth of sponsors at five cents each worth of money on a page that would be 40 sponsors and that means you get two dollars per kid per car you wash or $20 for every car you wash. That is a significant amount of money จำนำรถยนต์.

One other thing you need to realize is that you will only collect about 80% of all the pledges that were pledged. Some people will not be around to collect and or refuse to pay. There is not much you can do about this, so it is good to know in advance of this problem.

If you can make $20 for every car you wash you can see why a wash-athon car wash fundraisers are better than one, which simply charges five dollars for every car that comes through. Of course realize there is a lot of upfront time spent in a wash-athon carwash fundraiser due to the additional organization required. Please consider all this in 2006.

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